I'm a fancy candle!


This is just for my reference. I just wanted to see it all together and have it all together in case I wanna look back at it.

(x) wrong direction

(x) stealing is a crime

(x) all I can say is the politics

(x) yeh dosti zaynmalik ;)

(x) NaughtyBoyMusic ham nahee chorangay!

(x) the title says it all convo

(x) zaynmalik stolen.

(x) I’m too major for your label

(x) RT about One Chance to Dance

plus these two posts (x/x)

http://teapotpourri.tumblr.com/post/100170639325/steal-my-girl-bunetta-drewett-ryan-hector →


  1. Steal My Girl: Bunetta, Drewett, Ryan, Hector, Tomlinson, Payne
  2. Ready To Run: Scott, Bunetta, Ryan, Tomlinson, Payne
  3. Where Do Broken Hearts Go: Cunningham, Tamposi, Bunetta, Geiger, Styles
  4. 18: Ed Sheeran
  5. Girl Almighty: Bunetta, Ryan, Mehner
  6. Fool’s Gold: Horan, Mozella, Scott,…